Beauty Therapy

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Semi-permanent & Permanent Make-up

As used by professional women in the theatre, cinema and by models, but now available to all of us, Permanent and Semi-permanent Make-up (SPM) is the process of depositing hypo-allergenic pigments into the dermal layer of the skin.

This is useful for:

  • enhancing facial features;
  • avoiding the use of daily make-up;
  • helping sufferers of Alopecia who have lost eyebrow or eyelash hairs

Our expert has over 21 years of experience and is a member of the British Association of Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology (BABTAC).   She uses only natural products sourced from quality suppliers and provides the treatment in the comfort of your own home (or workplace).


  • Semi-Permanent Make-up Treatment for Eyebrows – £250.00 Add to Cart
  • Semi-Permanent Make-up Treatment for Lips – £270.00 Add to Cart
  • Semi-Permanent Make-up Treatment for Eyelashes – £290.00 Add to Cart

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What happens next

When you “proceed to checkout” to purchase these services, you can pay by credit or debit card – or by Paypal – and once you have paid you will find the link to your unique “thank you and download page”. Don’t worry, you will also be sent a “thank you” email with a link to the same page, so you can always get back to it.

On your “thank you” page there will be a link to the session request form, so that you can set up your appointment with our practitioner. The download link on the page allows you to download and print out the simple RizBiz Agreement Form that we would like you to sign and give to our practitioner as confirmation of the session and your agreement to our terms & conditions.

It’s as simple as that. And, for your greater protection, we would rather you used a credit card than Paypal as this will provide you with the protection of UK consumer law. Also, from our end, we will return the payment to you automatically after thirty days if you and the practitioner have not yet been able to agree a suitable time for a session.



RizBiz Terms & Conditions:

Product and services:

  • All goods and services are identified clearly on contents pages of the RizBiz web site with postcodes indicating where the items are available, prices and any included delivery/travel or other costs.
  • Where a product or service is offered on the basis of a quotation from the supplier, a link will be provided on the RizBiz site to an item specific Quotation Request that must be completed and submitted by the purchaser before a quotation can be supplied.
  • Where a product or service can only be supplied after a specific lead time, this will be clearly identified in the product description on the web site.
  • For particular products or services where a purchaser might require delivery on a specific date, before making a purchase the purchaser must first check availability by using the links provided on the relevant item pages on the RizBiz web site. If such a product or service is purchased expecting delivery on a day that it cannot be supplied, RizBiz will make every effort to alert the purchaser and will refund the sum, but will not be liable for any disappointment or consequences suffered.
  • RizBiz reserves the right to alter prices at its discretion and without prior notice.

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Making payment to RizBiz:

  • Payments will only be taken through the payment facility on the site, which is provided by Paypal to enable credit or debit card payments or settlement through Paypal.
  • RizBiz is not currently registered for VAT and prices are quoted gross with no VAT levied.
  • On clearance of online payment, a link will be provided to a unique confirmation page and a RizBiz shop confirmation email will sent to the purchaser. A RizBiz invoice for the transaction, generated through Paypal as the payment processor, will also be sent via email.
  • The email from the RizBiz shop allows the purchaser to contact directly. The invoice email through Paypal is also the purchaser’s receipt. Both emails will provide the unique Invoice ID identifier code for the transaction.

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Steps following a purchase:

  • Where a service has been purchased, the confirmation page will provide a link to a Request page for arranging a time for the session and also a secure, individualised link to the downloadable RizBiz Agreement Form. This agreement form is to provide confirmation of acceptance of RizBiz Terms & Conditions and delivery of the service. It should be downloaded and printed out for signing and return to the practitioner delivering the service.
  • Where RizBiz products requiring hand delivery have been purchased, both the confirmation page offered after purchase and the confirmation email will include a link to a Request page for arranging a time for the delivery.
  • Where a service has been purchased and a session needs to be booked, the obligation is on the purchaser to request suitable times using the supplied link to the Session Request page on the RizBiz site. Failing this, while RizBiz will make strenuous efforts to contact the purchaser, if arrangements are not in place within 30 days of the purchase, the contract will be deemed to have lapsed and the sum paid will be returned to the purchaser.
  • Similarly, where a product has been purchased that requires hand delivery, the obligation is on the purchaser to request suitable times for delivery using the supplied link to the Delivery Request page on the RizBiz site. Failing this, while RizBiz will make strenuous efforts to contact the purchaser, if arrangements are not in place within 30 days of the purchase, the contract will be deemed to have lapsed and the sum paid will be returned to the purchaser.

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Cancelling a purchase and a delivery agreement:

  • For both services and products requiring hand delivery, once a date has been agreed, the arrangement can be cancelled up to 48 hours before the agreed time, without charge, using the Cancellation Page on the RizBiz web site.
  • If the cancellation request is received by RizBiz less than 48 hours before the agreed time, there will be a charge of 50% of the purchase price, whether or not the purchaser chooses to arrange a new time for delivery.
  • If a new time is not agreed within 30 days of the original purchase, the contract lapses and the money is refunded, less 50% where a cancellation was requested within 48 hours of the agreed delivery time.
  • Where a new time is agreed any cancellation charge due will be invoiced separately by RizBiz for payment before the original purchase can proceed.

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General delivery terms and the “Cooling Off Period”:

  • For goods and services generally, RizBiz intends its suppliers to deliver within 30 days of a purchase unless a later date is agreed mutually between the supplier, the purchaser and RizBiz.
  • In terms of the “cooling off period” for cancellation of a purchase within 7 days following delivery of a product or service, RizBiz will respect the general framework of refunds as outlined in the Distance Selling Regulations, but will inform customers of the following exceptions that apply to particular RizBiz goods and services:
    • Purchased services cannot be included because they will already have been delivered before the end of the 7 days’ cancellation period and will only have proceeded on the basis of a signed agreement to these Terms and Conditions
    • Products made to a personalised specification or perishable goods, such as foodstuffs and flowers, are explicitly excluded by the Distance Selling Regulations from the “cooling off period” cancellation and refund framework

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Blocks in which services are generally supplied:

  • Services will generally be sold by the session in appropriate blocks of time and hourly rates, where provided, will be for information and comparison purposes.
  • Services will be provided only for the period of the session contracted for. Should the work not be finished during the time frame, extra sessions will need to be booked through the RizBiz web site. RizBiz suppliers will under no circumstances work extra time to complete job.

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RizBiz communication with customers:

  • Emails will be sent to customers confirming all purchases, the booking of a service, hand delivery of products, cancellations and any late cancellation surcharges as well as refunds on the lapsing of purchase contracts.
  • Regular, direct and effective communication will be maintained with all customers.
  • For services, the key contract will be the RizBiz Agreement that needs to be downloaded, printed, signed and handed to the Rizbiz practitioner delivering the service. A signed copy should be kept by the client.

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RizBiz and its commitment to quality:

  • RizBiz will undertake to provide quality work undertaken by experienced suppliers.
  • RizBiz acts as an agent for its suppliers and its legal obligation is limited to its role as an agent rather than as the direct supplier of products and services.
  • RizBiz will conduct regular quality checks on products and services delivered by its suppliers and will share customer opinions wherever it has permission to do so.

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