Hello there! Just thought I’d introduce myself – the Riz in Rizbiz. A teacher, sometime film critic, writer, cook, art enthusiast and now aspiring internet entrepreneur!

I’m interested in everything, especially people with ability and talent. Some time ago I found in my circle of friends, people who were good at either a craft or a specialised skill which they had practised successfully over the years. These friends were either working part time or had a free day in the week when they could work for someone else. I decided that I wanted to get all these wonderful skills under one roof and Rizbiz was born. What can I say, but that all my skills providers are my friends and known to me and when I give you a guarantee of quality, that you can take “my word as my bond”. What Rizbiz will do, is deliver excellence in all areas and the only way you can find out if this is true, is by joining the Rizbiz family. I wish you and us a happy future together!